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In November 2012, the European Union mandated the use of EU label tyres to make vehicle owners aware of 3 performance characteristics of a tyre, namely:

  • Wet grip
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Noise emission

Are you wondering why the information is crucial?

Let the professionals of DC Vehicle Repairs guide you in understanding them and assist you in making the best tyre purchase.

An Overview Of EU Tyre Labelling

The EU Tyre Labels provide crucial information about a tyre’s wet grip performance, noise emission level and fuel economy. These parameters are represented by letters, helping consumers make an informed choice.

Let us decode each of these aspects in detail.

Wet grip

It informs about the wet performance of a tyre, denoted by letters A to E. While an A-rated tyre offers the shortest braking distance, an ‘E’ grade delivers the lowest wet braking performance.

Noise emission

Symbolised by letters A to C, we measure external noise emission in decibels (dB). An ‘A’ rating is noise-efficient, while a ‘B’ rating tyre would emit more external noise. Tyres with a ‘C’ noise rating are no longer legal for vehicles.

Fuel efficiency

This rating ranges from A to E. So if you opt for ‘A’-rated car tyres Stoke on Trent, they feature the lowest rolling resistance, consuming less fuel to perform optimally, helping you save more money and significantly controlling CO2 emissions.

Nonetheless, the EU tyre label underwent minor changes in May 2021.

Note: Before May 2021, letters between A and G denoted the fuel efficiency and wet grip performance parameters, and soundwaves represented the noise emission.

Additional modifications

  • All tyres feature a QR-code directly linked with EU database EPREL. By scanning it, you will get complete information about the particular model.
  • The 3PMSF symbol on tyres confirms superior snow performance and safety.
  • Nordic winter tyres now feature a new ice stalagmite marking.

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