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Churchill Tyres

Are you on the lookout for Churchill tyres Stoke on Trent? It is time you check out the massive inventory of DC Vehicle Repairs!

We retail a variety of Churchill tyres for every vehicle make and model under mid-range tyre price segments. Our meticulous team of tyre specialists is here to assist if you are unsure of the tyre you should buy.

To streamline your options, here are some categories of Churchill car tyres Stoke on Trent available with us:


Made from hard, premium rubber compounds, summer tyres from Churchill deliver excellent wet and dry performance. The unique tread pattern effectively channels water, reducing hydroplaning, increasing traction and optimising rolling resistance. The variant's USP lies in its unique carcass construction that resists overheating on hot summer tarmacs, minimising the chances of a tyre blowout.


Unlike summer tyres, winter units are made from rubber compounds with a higher proportion of silicone content and natural rubber to stand the test of harsh winters and not harden at low temperatures. They come with multiple sipes that help bite into the snow effectively. Further, they offer shorter braking distances on snow-covered roads due to their unique tread patterns.


To avoid tyre changes twice a year, you can install your vehicle with a new set of all-season tyres from Churchill. These tyres provide reliable performance throughout the year. However, they function optimally in moderate conditions when the temperatures are not too extreme. The treads on the all-season tyres are slightly thicker to make them more durable, reducing tyre wear.

Apart from this, we stock some best-selling Churchill tyres Stoke on Trent from the following categories:

  • Ultra-high performance (Churchill RCB007)
  • 4x4 (Churchill GRB008)

Online tyre retail

At DC Vehicle Repairs, we sell Churchill tyres Stoke on Trent online. You can visit our website to explore and purchase from our selection online. This procedure takes less time than the traditional offline purchase as you avoid the long queues. Opting for our online facility, you can purchase tyres by simply entering your car registration number or tyre specification details.

Alternatively, visit our tyre centre at 430 Weston Road, Weston Coyney, Stoke on Trent, ST3 6QB and get assistance from our experts before proceeding with your purchase.

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